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Simple Thai Stories

Floating Markets


Delve into the mesmerizing world of Thailand’s floating markets with this comprehensive digital guide. Seamlessly blending history, culture, and language, this e-book offers readers an authentic and immersive journey into the heart of Thailand’s waterborne commerce.

Key Features:

  • Parallel Text: Experience the story in both Thai and English, perfect for learners and enthusiasts of either language.
  • Accessible Learning: Specifically crafted for an intermediate language proficiency level, ensuring an enjoyable reading experience for intermediate learners.
  • Vocabulary List: Enhance your linguistic abilities with the tailored vocabulary list that helps turn the story into comprehensible input.
  • Reading Comprehension Questions: Test your understanding and reinforce your learning with well-structured questions after each section.
  • Writing Prompts: Practice writing with a prompt based on the story.
  • Multiple Formats: Downloadable in both PDF and ePub formats, ensuring compatibility with your preferred digital reading device.

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Floating Markets - Study Guide


Simple Thai Stories: Floating Markets: Study Guide Add-On

Amplify your learning experience with our exclusive study guide add-on tailored for “Simple Thai Stories: Floating Markets” This comprehensive supplement is meticulously crafted to deepen your understanding, engage your senses, and provide tools to enhance your language retention.

What’s Inside:

  • In-Depth Study Guide: A comprehensive study guide detailing how to make the most of your book.
  • Advanced Reading Comprehension: Take on a broader array of questions, challenging your grasp on the material and pushing your understanding of Thailand’s floating markets to new depths.
  • Extended Writing Prompts: Dive deeper into self-expression with another thought-provoking prompt.
  • Audiobook : Immerse yourself in the rhythm and tones of authentic Thai narration. Ideal for auditory learners, language enthusiasts, or anyone looking to enjoy the tales on-the-go.
  • Anki Vocabulary Deck: Accelerate your language learning with our curated Anki deck. This flashcard system uses spaced repetition, helping you master and retain the rich vocabulary from the book more efficiently.

Designed to be an immersive companion to your e-book, this package serves as a bridge between passive reading and active learning, ensuring you not only understand the content but also internalize and apply it.

Dive deeper, learn efficiently, and let the vibrant world of floating markets become an integral part of your language and cultural journey. Add the study guide add-on to your cart today and elevate your learning experience!